我的祖父母,母亲和妹妹喜欢个性化的照片日历。 甚至到了他们每年都要求将它们作为礼物接受的地步。 他们想在页面上找到刚出生的那个月的新生婴儿的照片,以及在她生日那天写的铭文。 他们想要五月的毕业照,是十一月感恩节的图片,最好是有一个该死的可爱的孩子打扮,因为南瓜挂在十月的厨房墙上。


您是否想要一个易于使用的网站? 价格是您的底线吗? 您需要多长时间才能获得成品?

幸运的是,我尝试制作照片日历的大多数服务都带有不错的模板选择,因此该项目不需要任何认真的设计技能,尽管它可以使您眼神敏锐。 我最喜欢的网站结合了足够多的编辑工具,这些工具不会让我眼花quin乱,而模板则利用了别人最好的设计,并让我将其与自己的风格融合在一起。 毕竟,模板太严格了。




Used by small business and aspiring rock bands for years, CafePress lets you make customized, well, anything, photo wall calendars included. You can upload your own photos or import them from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and SmugMug. Editing capabilities include filters to make black-and-white and sepia images, as well as tools for moving, rotating, and zooming in on your images. You can choose from a fair number of templates, although it' s difficult to see how each page differs within the template, and impossible to change the template you've selected it. One nice feature: You can start your calendar on>

Mixbook has one of the nicer suites of online editing tools I' ve seen for making a personalized photo wall calendar, although its shipping charges run a little higher than elsewhere. Available templates let you pick a calendar design that really>

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Starting at $21.99 for a 12-month calendar, Shutterfly costs a buck or two more than some other services, but you get what you pay for in quality. Perhaps you' ll also be willing to pay that extra dollar or two for Shutterfly's great preview window, where you can thoroughly comb through your calendar-in-the-making one final time to check>

喀鱼, the website that also offers photo hosting, has a whole section for making a custom calendar. Snapfish has more customization options than most other services I' ve seen. You can start your calendar on any month you choose, modify templates for color and number of photos per page, type in special dates, and more. Snapfish>

Zazzle is a bit like CafePress. You can make virtually anything on the site, and orders see big discounts when you buy items in bulk. If you need 15 copies of a family photo wall calendar, Zazzle' s a decent option. Prices start around $17.95. One neat feature here is choosing not only a unique template for the top half of the calendar where the photos>