整理:Windows 8 Tile组织

不久前,我为此专栏文章撰写了有关在Windows 8中组织图块的文章,该文章促使一些读者撰写并询问有关如何自定义起始屏幕外观的更具体的后续问题。 这是其中两个:

到处移动时,如何防止Windows 8中的图块交换位置? 我希望它们只是插入在已经存在的图块之间。

如何在Windows 8中安排“开始屏幕拼贴”组,以便该组仅包含一列? 现在,即使我只有四个项目,Windows 8也会将它们组织在两列中,并且我希望它们在一列中,这样它们就不会占用屏幕的宽度空间。

Tricks to Arranging Windows 8 Tiles
The single best piece of advice I have regarding how to arrange your Windows 8 tiles is to use groups to their fullest extent.

I had an idea to co-opt this ability and instead create a dummy tile, or blank square that might act as a placeholder where I would ideally like no app at all.

' 130204_getorg_win8qs-dummytile'

联系人。 我想到的一个更好的主意是用联系人填充空间。 通过“人脉”应用程序(可以连接到LinkedIn和联系人存储其信息的其他位置),您可以创建任何人的Windows 8磁贴。


Just So
You may not be able to arrange your Windows 8 tiles just so, but you can keep them organized in a way that will leave you working efficiently and keep you happy. And don' t underestimate the importance of tile groups or feel you need to have more than just an app or two in any given group.