根据Coinbase的报告,世界各地越来越多的大学提供有关区块链技术的课程。 预计到2023年,区块链市场规模将达到近2500万美元,来自多个教育背景的学生对学习区块链行业表现出了更大的兴趣。

The study also points out that a wide range of students are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies, not just those in financial or computer-science departments. According to the survey commissioned by Coinbase and conducted by Qriously, students in law, business, and the social sciences majors were even more interested in taking crypto courses than those in economics and math.


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根据Coinbase所做的报告,参加加密货币课程的卖点之一是增加了就业前景。 杜克大学国际商务教授坎贝尔·哈维(Campbell Harvey)表示,接受过区块链技术培训的法学院学生在大学毕业后即刻获得工作机会。

对区块链技术研究的更多学术支持将推动更多研究人员从各个研究领域进入该领域。 只要对课程的需求持续存在,大学将进一步投资于研究中心,课程工作和对行业的支持,