Google Nest Home Hub Max

Google的新型智能显示屏Nest Hub Max对以前的型号进行了许多改进,并内置了用于视频通话的摄像头。

硬件高级副总裁Rick Osterloh在I / O上宣布,作为房屋清洁计划的一部分,将更多Google智能家居设备重新命名为Nest。 因此,以前称为Google Home Hub的设备现在将成为Nest Hub,售价为129美元,低于149美元。

Nest Hub Max将于今年夏天上市,零售价为229美元。

The device is larger than the previous Home Hub; 10 inches compared to 7 inches. It puts that larger screen to use with Google Duo video calling, letting you make and receive calls from anyone using the mobile app or online through the Chrome browser. The Home Hub Max uses a built-in camera, and keeps you in frame by zooming the image in and out as you move, rather than physically moving the device.

In addition to video calling, the Home Hub Max uses its camera for gestures. Instead of telling your Home Hub Max to stop playing music, you can simply raise your hand. This assumes, of course, that the Home Hub Max can see you at the time, but this is certainly a more elegant solution than trying to shout over the music you want turned off.

Privacy was another major talking point at Google' s annual developer conference, and the Home Hub Max has a unique privacy feature not often seen in mainstream products: a physical switch that electronically disconnects the camera and>


  • 告诉Google您多久要一次删除您的位置数据告诉Google您多久要一次删除您的位置数据
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此外,奥斯特洛(Osterloh)告诉听众,内斯特(Nest)将发布一套全面的“隐私承诺”。 这些将概述Nest产品的工作方式,它们存储的数据以及如何使用这些数据。

其中一些数据将用于通过您的脸部和声音来识别您的身份。 Facematch是Home Hub Max上的一项可选功能,当您查看设备时,它将仅显示您的相关内容。 根据Osterloh的说法,数据将被加密并存储在设备上。