为什么Axis Facebook死用户

死亡对我们所有人而言都在降临。 但是在互联网时代,留下来的人面临着21世纪的难题,要弄清如何处理那些过去的人的数据,社交媒体帐户和其他数字遗留物。

More likely, if growth rates continue at a consistent clip, the dead will outnumber the living sometime early in the next century.

In either scenario, the researchers found that there will be far more dead users from more populous continents such as Asia and Africa, with North America far behind. The social network has long since reached its peak in US users, and most of its growth in recent years (and likely going forward) is international.

Or as some Twitter users have joked, every Facebook user who passes on then joins the rapidly swelling ranks of Facebook' s army of the dead.


- darth™(@darth)2019年4月29日